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D & M Locksmith is Boston's trusted name in security solutions - providing you with 24 hours emergency locksmith, locksmith in residential buildings, commercial locksmith service and auto locksmith services.

Our customer service is unique and unmatched. By proving to customers that we have the best solution to their needs, we've become the locksmith and security services provider of choice in the greater Boston area.

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Earning the trust and confidence of our clients by providing solutions to their vital and confidential key, locksmith and security needs has rocketed us to success.

Whatever your problem, automotive, residential or commercial, Boston Locksmith delivers the solution at affordable prices.

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By giving customers the service and respect they deserve, Boston Locksmith has been rewarded with a loyal following of satisfied customers. And by word of mouth, these customers have referred family and friends who have joined the ever growing ranks of satisfied customers.

Our valued customers can feel secure... we'll take care of you, professionally and confidentially. Always!

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